Council of Baltimore Ravens Roosts
We now offer Video Conferencing to groups to join our Council who are out of state or 90 miles from Baltimore
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Welcome to the Council of Baltimore Ravens Roosts

Welcome to the Council of Ravens Roosts, the ORIGINAL and premier Fan Club of the Baltimore Ravens NFL football team. Fully fan supported and dedicated to football in the Baltimore regional area.

The Council is the governing body for a multitudinal group of Ravens Roosts all over the Baltimore Raven Nation. Click the 'Council' button above to learn more.

Since 2007, The Council of Baltimore Ravens Roosts & its member Roosts
have donated over $4,715,539 to charity.

Form a Roost in your area

A group of 25 people, who are 21 years of age or older, may apply to form a Roost in their area. If there is a Ravens Roost which is already established in that area, you are encouraged to contact and investigate that Roost first. Please see the Roosts 'List & Links' to locate a Roost near you. The Council is now offering Video Conferencing for groups outside Maryland or 90 miles outside Baltimore.

If you wish to form a new roost, click on this link to start the process. *Click Here*.


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